Friday, January 18, 2008

Ben Sayers
Bernard "Ben" Sayers (b. 23 June 1856 in Leith, Edinburgh, d. 9 March 1924 at North Berwick, East Lothian) was one of the most successful early professional golfers. He became a distinguished golf teacher, golf course designer and manufacturer of golf clubs & equipment.

Non-playing Career
The Ben Sayers & Son factory has been responsible for creating several revolutionary pieces of golfing equipment, from gutta-percha balls and the "Benny" putter (the first to have a square-edged handgrip) to, in later years, the first set of carbon-shafted clubs and a specially commissioned putter for Jack Nicklaus. Ben Sayers jnr. also designed the first "oversized" driver. After operating from the Ben Sayers factory in North Berwick for 126 years production was moved to China in 2003.

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