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Tracy JordanTracy Jordan
Tracy Jordan is a fictional character on the American television series 30 Rock, played by Tracy Morgan.

Personal history
Tracy is a highly successful African-American movie star. Tracy lived with his single mother in 1979 and was discovered after doing stand-up comedy at the Apollo Theater in 1984. Tracy claims to have no memory of this. Tracy Jordan is a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemmings.
Tracy has made a string of rather bad movies, including:
He was also in a Western in which his entire role was done without leaving his car. His current project is called Jefferson, where he plays Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings and King George.
He also tends to play multiple roles in his films, much like actors Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. Tracy did a Christmas album in 1998 and is a big fan of Pat Benatar. In addition to his acting career, he writes a column in Ebony Magazine called "Musings". He owns several houses and later got into debt because he didn't make the payments on them. Tracy owes Quincy Jones $75,000.
He mentioned in "Up All Night" that he's been married for seventeen years, implying that he was married around 1990. Tracy is married to Angie Jordan. According to Tracy, he and Angie like to role-play, including 'playing' rape. Tracy admitted on Late Night with Conan O'Brien that he often walks around his house naked to show his oldest boy "who got the biggest ding-dong".
When Jack Donaghy is made the new Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming at NBC, he forces Liz Lemon, the head writer of The Girlie Show, to hire Tracy as the show's new star. When Tracy joins the cast, the show is re-named TGS with Tracy Jordan. Jack is constantly doing anything that he can to keep Tracy happy, but most of the cast and writing staff is unhappy with Jack's decision to hire Tracy because they do not respect his unprofessional demeanor or his film career. However, writer Frank Rossitano enjoys Tracy's films. Jenna Maroney, another actress on the show, feels upstaged by Tracy and becomes angry when she learns that he does not even know her name.
Tracy is unpredictable and mentally unstable. He is known in the media for his unpredictability and for being responsible for many minor controversies. These incidents include:
He is being treated for his mental problems by Dr. Leo Spaceman (whose name Tracy pronounces as "space-man" despite all the other characters pronouncing it in the Italian style as "spuh-cheh-min"), played by Chris Parnell. Dr. Spaceman describes Tracy's problems as "erratic tendencies and delusions brought on by excessive notoriety". Prior to appeearing on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Jordan had reactions to the various medications he is on, causing delusions of a blue creature that Jordan referred to as 'The Blue Man'.
Tracy often lurks around the studio with his two friends/bodyguards Dot Com (portrayed by Kevin Brown) and Grizz (portrayed by Grizz Chapman). He often jokes to them "I love this cornbread so much I'm gonna take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant".
Tracy always refers to Liz by either her last name or her full name. It appears at times that Tracy has little or no respect for her or her job, generally only communicating with her when he asks/demands for things to go his way. He also considers saying "Hi, I'm Liz Lemon! I like to wear man shirts! Watch me skateboard!" in a high-pitched voice to be a stinging impersonation of her, despite the fact that she doesn't skateboard. But it is worth noting that Tracy usually orbits too far from reality, with his celebrity and mental heath issues, to be seen as thoughtful or considerate, which should not necessarily be taken as a sign of disrespect.
As a child, he was a castmember on the Nickelodeon show Ray Ray's Mystery Garage. Tracy thinks of himself as mentor to NBC page Kenneth.

Who Dat Ninja?, where he plays an African-American ninja. (Portrayal of a non-Asian ninja might be a reference to Beverly Hills Ninja)
Black Cop/White Cop ("One does the duty; the other gets the booty!"), in which he plays a Black cop who disguises himself as a White cop.
Honky Grandma be Trippin', in which he portrays a Black man who disguises himself as an overweight elderly White woman. (Reference to Big Momma's House)
President Homeboy, in which he plays a Black president. (a reference to Head of State)
Fat Bitch ("She's off the leash!"), in which he turns into a dog. Don Geiss wanted a sequel made, despite the fact that Coco (Fat Bitch) died at the end.
Running down the 405 Freeway in his underwear while shouting "I am a Jedi!".
Trying to stab talk show host Conan O'Brien and claiming to be a stabbing robot while he was being interviewed on his show.
Getting arrested for walking naked through LaGuardia Airport.
Falling asleep on Ted Danson's roof.
Biting actress Dakota Fanning on the face.
Doing the robot walking backwards into a Starbucks while holding a dog that he had apparently stolen (although this was in fact misinterpreted as an act of normalcy)

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