Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Panorama (disambiguation)
Panorama most commonly refers to the panorama format.
Panorama may also refer to:
Panorama may also refer to the placename:
Panorama (TV series), a long-running current affairs documentary series on BBC television
Panorama (Cars album), an album by The Cars.
Panorama (Braintax album), an album by Braintax.
Panorama (Canadian TV series), a Canadian public affairs newsmagazine, airing nightly on TFO
Panorama (Steel drum competition), an annual competition held in Trinidad
Panorama Ski Resort, the short name for the Panorama Mountain Village ski resort near Invermere, British Columbia.
Panorama, an anthology of English poems by Oxford University Press for CISCE
Panorama (Italian magazine), an Italian magazine
Panorama (database engine), database engine
Panorama (GIS), a Russian GIS system.
Simcoe Panorama, an event that occurs in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Fiat Panorama, a compact station wagon (built in the 1980s)
Freedom of panorama, allows for taking pictures in public places
Panorama Records, a record label
Panorama Tools, open source panorama creation and viewing software
Panorama Stitchers, Viewers and Utilities, panorama software resources
Panorama Software (BI), a Canadian Business Intelligence software company.
Panorama (Layout Engine), a worldwide text composition engine.
Panorama (German wartime newsreel), a German quarterly color newsreel produced from 1944 until the end of World War 2.
Panorama, Brazil
Panorama, Thessaloniki, in Greece
Panorama City, Los Angeles, California
Panorama Park, Iowa
Panorama Village, Texas
Panorama Lounge, in Toronto, Canada
Panorama Hills, Calgary, a neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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